Watch our 3 part Ethos Series here! 

Part 1 - sacrifice is our honor/Justice is our pursuit

Part 2 - People are our passion/creativity is our core

Part 3 - The word is our center/The Holy Spirit is our source

We are a church that strives to minister at the center of the Christian faith that has been developing for the last 2000 years. Within Christianity there are various expressions, or leanings that churches have adopted - Liturgical (high church), Evangelical, Empowered (charismatic) and Social/Missional.

In most churches, they primarily lean into one of these four streams, basing their church community around that expression of the Gospel. Here at LIFE we value and love ALL of these expressions of the Gospel and we feel called to stand in the center, believing that the Gospel of Jesus brings unity. 

That’s why at LIFE you will find a variety of people from different ‘streams’ of Christian expression and they have all found a home here, united to other believers by the things that we hold in common, Jesus, and the central role He plays in the reconciliation between God and man. If you come from one of these four traditions we welcome your perspective and rest assured that you will be challenged to learn and grow in the other areas of Christian expression.


    God’s story is at the center of our worship. From the first book of the Bible, Genesis, to the last book, Revelation, we see that humankind’s response to the goodness and glory of God is to worship Him. 

    This Worship has taken many different forms over the last four thousand years of recorded accounts in the Bible and church history but the one thing that hasn’t changed is the object of our worship. So here at LIFE we are married to the mission of worship.


    We adhere to the ancient truths of scripture. We are enveloped and are building within the safety of 2000 years of biblical interpretation. We believe that scripture is the ultimate authority, being able to lead all people across the generations into a new life with God. 


    We believe that Christianity needs to be lived out in community with other christians, in a way that you know and are known to a group of people that have the desire to follow Jesus and bring His kingdom to the world around them. Church is God’s idea and we believe that when you engage in a church community that you will find a family, a sheltering tree and a place that will challenge you to continue to grow more like your Father God. 


    We believe that God owns everything, that all of our money is His, all of our resources are His and that we get to participate in stewarding this money well to bless the community of faith and beyond. 

    We live in a consumeristic world and it’s easy as a christian to be absorbed into this type of thinking but here at LIFE we encourage everyone to lay down the tight grip we have on our money and trust that God will continue to give us the resources we need when we honor Him with our giving. 

    We encourage anyone who considers LIFE church their home to begin to practice giving financially to the church in a way that is sacrificial. 


    We believe in the ministry and work of the Holy Spirit in the life of every person. The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity and He is essential to the life of every Christian. He is the living breath of God in us and is how we are able to be in communion with God and to bring love and life to the world around us.


    We are called to love the community around us but it should come as a response to spending time in the Presence of God and sharing out of that experience, not out of a sense of guilt and obligation. 

    Our community doesn’t need us to come in and save the day, our community needs Jesus and the greatest contribution that we can make is to point all people to the saving grace of Jesus.